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  • Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area
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  • Garrett County, Gateway to the West Garrett County, Gateway to the West

    Garrett County, the westernmost county in Maryland, is a region rich in history, culture and natural resources. The state recognizes its importance and certified it as one of thirteen such areas in Maryland. Explore our heritage and discover why.

  • Education Series

    Railroads of Garrett County: A History

    What else do we really know about the railroads and the impact on Garrett County history? This is a newly revised course with a significant new section on the B & O Railroad during the Civil War under the presidency of John W. Garrett for whom Garrett County is named. It will cover the railroads in general terms for participants with even a mild interest in rail travel. In this class, historian, author, and educator, Dr. Neal Brooks will describe the railroads development, decline, and main purposes. We’ll discuss two companies, the B &O and Western Maryland, with remnants that are still present as part of CSX. This class is intended for a general audience interested in Garrett County and in general transportation history, not just rail fans. Participants will also learn about several railroads that have disappeared but have had significant impact, including the Confluence and Oakland, Preston Railroad, and the Jennings Brothers Railroad. Participants will find an enjoyable and open discussion method with an instructor whose long interest in railroads shows in each class.

    For more information and to register for the class, click here or call 301-387-3069.

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