• Heritage Area At a Glance 

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  • Join us while we explore and experience Garrett Heritage the fun and interactive way.  Garrett County's rich history in transportation, recreation, culture and natural wonders make for exciting adventures and fun filled days.  On our website you can take virtual tours of many of our historic sites, listen to the stories told by the people there and learn all about each one of them. From our historic train station in Oakland and the history of the B&O train company to the history of Deep Creek Lake and all of the outdoor activities it has brought to this area.  There is no lack of history here and we look forward to sharing it with you and your family. Begin your journey here and explore, learn about it and plan your trip to visit these sites in person! Tag @garrettheritage in your photos at one of our heritage sites to be entered into a drawing to win a COOL prize!! Take advantage of our resources provided here for kid friendly heritage fun and trails as well as some fun facts, jokes and more. Explore and experience all Garrett County has to offer!     



    On The Go? 

    Grab our Kids Club brochure at the Visitors Center in McHenry or at many of the heritage locations along your travels.  Use this brochure as a quick reference tool to locate many of our recommended spots, our kids friendly trails and much more!  



    Scavenger Hunt GC Style

    Who in your family can get this list completed first?  

    • Horse and Buggy Crossing Sign 
    • A Barn Quilt
    • Train Tracks
    • A Wildlife Crossing Sign 
    • American Flag
    • Maryland Flag
    • Antiques Sign
    • Black Eyed Susan
    • A Sail Boat
    • Fisherman
    • A Deer
    • A Cow
    • A Horse

    Kid Friendly Trails 

    Visit: www.garretttrails.org for a complete list of GC trails 

    Perfect for the Whole Family

    • Casselman River State Park
    • Meshach Browning Trails
    • Friendsville Interactive Walking Tour
    • Sang Run State Park
    • Visitor's Center Trail
    • Cranesville Swamp Trail
    • DCSP Cherry Creek Loop


    2+ Miles for the Older Kiddos 

    • Fork Run 
    • Monroe Run
    • Herrington Manor
    • Swallow Falls 
    • Senator Paul Sarbanes Trail


        Fun Facts About Us

    Deep Creek Lake turns 100 years old in 2025!!!!

    • Garrett County has the highest point in MD
    • Deep Creek Lake was built by the Youghiogheny Hydroelectric Co.
    • Muddy Creek Falls is the Tallest free falling waterfall in MD 
    • Garrett County has over 100,000 acres of public lands
    • Wisp Resort is the only downhill ski resort in MD
    • Garrett County has the most state parks in MD (8) 
    • Garrett County is home to world class whitewater 
    • George Washington Marched through Grantsville
    • President James Polk stayed in Grantsville
    • Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and Albert Einstein all visited Garrett County 
    • Explorer's Lewis and Clark traveled through Garrett County
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  •      Just Joking Around  

           Share these jokes with family and friends 

    • Where was the declaration of independence signed?                         At the bottom!
    • Did you hear the joke about the Liberty Bell? It cracked me up.
    • Who was the biggest prankster in George Washington's army? Laugh-ayette!
    • If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?        The Pilgrims!
    • Why did the Pilgrims sail to America? It was too far to swim!
  • How Many of These Places Can You Visit???

    • ​Drane House
    • Casselman Bridge
    • B&O Train Station
    • Spruce Forest Artisan Village
    • Our Father's House
    • Ticket Office Museum
    • The Garrett County Museum of Transportation
    • Garrett County Historical Museum
    • Grantsville Museum
    • National Road 
    • Victorian Homes in Mountain Lake Park, MD.
    • Deep Creek Lake
  • Must Stops On Your Journey

    Oakland / Swanton / Deep Creek Area  

    • B&O Train Station and Museum - 117 East Liberty St Oakland
    • Transportation Museum - 108 East Liberty St Oakland
    • Garrett County Historical Society - 107 S 2nd St Oakland 
    • Candyland at the Farmers Market - 12679 Garrett Hwy Oakland 
    • Discovery Center at Deep Creek Lake State Park - 898 State Park Rd Swanton
    • DCSP Brant Mines - 898 State Park Rd Swanton
    • Saffitickers Ice Cream Stand - 7084 Garrett Hwy Oakland
    • Ride the Mountain Coaster (Wisp Resort) - 296 Marsh Hill Road 
    • Horseback Riding (Circle R Ranch) - 4151 Sand Flat Rd. 

    Grantsville / Friendsville / Accident Area

    • Spruce Forest Artisans Village - 177 Casselman Rd Grantsville 
    • Candyland at Hilltop Fruit Market - 12579 National Pike Grantsville
    • High Country Creamery - 97 Locker Lane Grantsville
    • Visit a working Farm for a tour - 596 Griffith Rd Accident (Cove Run Farms) 
    • Drane House Frontier Home - Old Cemetery Rd Accident 
    • Lavender Farm - 625 Doerr Rd Accident 
    • Sit along the Youghiogheny River and watch the Kayakers and Rafters - Exit 4 off of I68
  • Take a Working Farm Tour!  

    Click the link above for an interactive map and list of working farms       

    • ​Alpaca Acres
    • Backbone Food Farm                                               
    • Branch Bender Cidery
    • Circle R Ranch
    • Cove Run Farms & Corn Maze
    • Crimson Shamrock Alpacas
    • Deep Creek Cellars
    • Deep Creek Lavender Farm
    • Firefly Farms Creamery and Market 
    • Footprints Farm
    • Grandma's Farm 
    • High Country Creamery and Market
    • Jefferies Farm and Flower 
    • Klotz Corn and Pumpkin Stand
    • Miner Hickory Horseback Riding
    • Possum Tail Farm
    • Walnut Ridge Farm
    • Western Trails Farm
    • Wildom Farms
    • Yorkie Acres Farm


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  • Photo Credits: Tim Jacobsen, Bob Carney, Marcia Warnick, Sarah Myers, Crede Calhoun, Higher Focus Studios, Garrett Historical Society, Sarah Duck, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce