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    **COVID-19 UPDATE**
    The retail store is now open daily from 10-4 with a limited capacity of 25%.
    If you would like a private shopping appointment, please use the following link.
    Public tours of our glassblowing are closed until further notice.
    Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Are Required and Will be Provided if Needed

    Be safe. Be well. We hope to see you soon!

    Your Friends at Simon Pearce


    Fire, air, strength, skill, and passion—these are the essential elements in making Simon Pearce glassware.

    Simon was raised on the coast of Ireland, where his parents inspired in him an appreciation of simple, well-designed, functional objects—beautiful things, contemporary in any time—that were made by the hands of designers and artists they knew.

    In the early 1970s, when glassware was mass-produced with uniform precision in large factories, Simon sought to renew the art of glassblowing and to make one-of-a-kind pieces where perfection comes from the uniqueness that can only be made with the human hand: glassware with soul that makes the food and drink you put in it look and taste better, designs that fit into any home.

    Today, a new generation of designers and glassblowers learns and furthers Simon’s vision of creating handmade glass using a combination of timeless artisanship and contemporary design. Every piece of glassware we blow carries the sign of its maker—the pontil mark softly rooted on the underside of the glass.


     limited-edition, completely one-of-a-kind designs
    Our associates are available in the retail shop to answer questions and help you select the perfect glass and tableware.
    Handmade in Maryland and Vermont in rich, clear, lead-free glass, these steadfast little trees will inspire gratitude and delight.
    Tools of the Trade.
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